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Hanoman Society (HANSO) was established with the single focus of elevating Indonesia’s Vape scene by introducing high quality, International standard liquid that translate into exceptional value for its consumers. Indonesia Vape scene has recently stormed the national scene and such rapid rise has unfortunately its drawbacks. The sudden boom in domestic vape scene showcased many rudimentary techniques and “Winner take all” approach that ultimately denies the market to mature and educate itself on the intricacies and finer points of good high quality liquid.


Hanso vows to stem the trend with an unwavering approach of providing only highest quality premium liquid by creating liquids crafted by our master brewer that has enjoyed success on the International stage and has done many collaboration with International High End Vape brands. True to his reputation, the meticulous methodology of crafting Hanso liquid starts with selecting the best source of essence from all over the world. Hanso Essences are blended in-house to achieve a true masterpiece in every blend. 


Hanso has launched it's first premium line, “Hanso Kingdom Series” that is inspired by Indonesian Kingdom that was as powerful as any empire at that time. Hanso hope to be a beacon of Indonesia Vape Pride and have taken infancy steps by making Hanso the first and only Indonesian Liquid to be accepted in International markets such as Japan, Taiwan and Europe. The early success in these International market has given Hanso more optimism and conviction that everybody deserves a truly unique, vaping enjoyment of the highest order.

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